The First National Standard for Healthy and Sustainable School Facilities Management

The First National Standard for Healthy and Sustainable School Facilities Management

Healthy Schools Campaign and Green Seal® have developed a Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard for facility management practices for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. The standard is available now for any school district, college or university to use to improve indoor air quality and sustainability in its facilities.

About the Standard

To support facility management professionals operating with budget limitations, the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard prioritizes measures that can make a big impact without major capital investments. The standard was designed in partnership with the award-winning school facility directors on our Steering Committee, who know firsthand what support facility professionals need. The science-based standard has a points-based scoring system and covers the full range of facilities management practices, including:

  • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • HVAC and Electric Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Monitoring
  • Sidewalk and Pavement
  • Training and Communications

Why a School Facilities Standard?

The pandemic has made creating healthy school environments an urgent national priority and brought to light the serious under-investment in school facilities nationwide. But the fact is, even before the pandemic, nearly half of U.S. schools reported indoor air quality problems that put the health of students and staff at risk.  Unhealthy indoor air, inadequate ventilation, and chemical exposure from cleaning and maintenance routines continue to present systemic challenges in school districts.  


Standard Development Process

The Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard was developed through extensive stakeholder engagement that included school facility directors, indoor air quality experts, technical experts and other practitioners. The process leveraged HSC’s extensive experience working with school facility directors and Green Seal’s globally recognized credibility in science-based standard development.  

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