Webinar: EPA Listening Session for Funding to Address Air Pollution at Schools

Five Ways the HGSC Self-Assessment will Help Advance Your Institution’s Health and Sustainability Goals

The Healthy Green Schools & Colleges self-assessment is a no-cost tool that lets you measure your facilities’ indoor air quality and sustainability performance against a national standard. Taking the test will identify specific opportunities for improvement and low- or no-cost steps you can take to raise your score in procurement, facility operations, and building systems maintenance. Here are a few additional ways the self-assessment results can be used to improve your facilities.

3 Keys to Training, Sustaining, and Retaining Workers

There is a strong belief in the Salt Lake City School District that when it comes to creating a safe and healthy environment, the most important and sustainable asset is a well-trained, appreciated, and valued group of employees. To accomplish this, the leadership team focuses on three main programs that are designed to result in a happy and sustainable work force: training; collaborative problem-solving; and professional development and employee appreciation.

How to Prepare for the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges Self-Assessment

Anyone interested in learning more about or joining the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program will benefit from taking the HGSC self-assessment. School districts and universities that complete the assessment will receive key information on which HGSC standard criteria their institution already complies with as well as areas in which the institution needs to improve in order to meet certification thresholds.