3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve School Indoor Air Quality This Winter

Cosumnes River Community College on Improving Facilities with the HGSC Self-Assessment

Tell us about your college. Cosumnes River Community College occupies and maintains one million square feet of space. We’ve started taking baby steps toward a more sustainable program. When I started here four years ago, I slowly started putting things in place, but really hadn’t gotten it rolling all that well. Then, the pandemic occurred

Announcing a National Pilot Standard for Healthier School Facilities

The first-of-its-kind standard was designed in partnership with the K-12 and university facility directors on the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges Steering Committee and with input from early adopters, stakeholders, and the public. It is designed to be implemented district-wide or university-wide to ensure an organization-level commitment to standard operating procedures, resource distribution, and facility maintenance that supports the health of all students and staff, as well as the environment.