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Diversey has been supplying schools with floorcare and cleaning products for nearly 100 years.  For all that time, the health and safety of students, teachers, and staff has been a top priority.  With the presence of children, the prevalence of respiratory disease, and the continual introduction of contaminants, schools pose a unique challenge for the cleaning industry.  The prevalence of asthma in schools is over 10% in some districts.  Schools get daily doses of pollutants such as dust, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, endotoxins, viruses, and allergens, which makes cleaning critical.

Diversey shares the view that education can’t be effective if the building and the occupants aren’t healthy.  That is why we are strong supporters of Healthy Green Schools & Colleges.  It is also one of the reasons why Diversey created Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC).  HHPC includes the green cleaning process, tools, and commonly used cleaning products. HHPC has been certified for indoor air quality by GREENGUARD to ensure the cleaning system will not negatively impact IAQ and requires the use of a select group of Green Seal and GREENGUARD certified products.

Working together, we can help schools become healthy environments where education isn’t deterred by poor hygiene.  Diversey strives to help schools on their sustainability journey, where environmental stewardship and social responsibility are integral parts of the learning experience.

Sustainability Program

Throughout the course of Diversey’s nearly 100 years of providing revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies, we have demonstrated that social responsibility and protecting the environment is good for business.  Diversey recently launched “Facilitators for Life,” aimed at creating a healthier and safer world for everyone. The “Facilitators for Life” strategy consists of twelve goals for 2025 focused around three key areas:

Improve the Environment – water conservation, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions, and waste prevention in all Diversey facilities around the world;

Protect and Care for People – eliminate workplace injuries, engage suppliers, ensure Diversey employees are trained on the company’s Code of Conduct, and improve lives through programs like Soap For Hope™ and Linens For Life™;

Innovate Sustainable Solutions – targets that include a sustainability scorecard for all new products and technologies; reduction of Diversey’s packaging footprint; and adoption of the Diversey Responsible Chemistry Policy.

Our internal sustainability programs have continually improved operations, leading to cost reductions and lower environmental footprints.  Diversey partnered with WWF in 2003, joining the Climate Savers program, and committed to an 8% reduction in GHG emissions. The final accomplishment was a 48% reduction in emissions.

Sustainability is a core part of Diversey and has always been a key driver to deliver value to customers while improving efficiency and reducing waste.  Learn more about Diversey’s sustainability commitment.

Product Highlight

Diversey has 10 cleaning categories with products that are environmentally certified by either one or a combination of the following: Green Seal, GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD, ECOLOGO, USDA Biobased.

ProminenceTM/MC Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 
Prominence Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner designed to remove soils and oils without dulling or altering the appearance of the floor.

Features & Benefits

  • Formula meets the Green Seal® GS-37 Standard for industrial and institutional cleaners and has GREENGUARD GOLD certification.
  • Quickly emulsifies dirt for fast removal and dries film free with no rinsing
  • Super-concentrated formula that delivers powerful cleaning performance for pennies per day
  • pH neutral when diluted
  • Offers the flexibility of multiple dilution ratios to handle all types of soil loads
  • Clear yellow-green in color with a fruity scent


  • Use as a daily floor cleaner on most floor types
  • Can also be used as a high performance general purpose cleaner\

Learn more about Prominence Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

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