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At Cascades, respecting and protecting the environment is in our DNA. Since our inception in 1964, we have been committed to manufacturing products as responsibly as possible. Our 100% recycled towel and tissue products from the Cascades PRO® collection are made from post-consumer material which require no harvesting of new trees as they include valuable fiber diverted from landfills.

Sustainability Program

A leader in the United States and Canada, Cascades PRO® is a product line from Cascades committed to creating safe and feel-good public spaces with proven hygiene solutions. Cascades PRO® encompasses five brands that provide specialized paper products and dispensers for all your professional needs ensuring all industries, places and people are supported and protected. Available in an assortment of sizes and formats, most of our paper products are made from 100% recycled fibre so everyone can enjoy the places they love, safely and sustainably.

The Cascades PRO® line-up includes the following brands: Cascades PRO Tandem®, Cascades PRO Signature®, Cascades PRO Perform®, Cascades PRO Select® and Cascades PRO Tuff Job®.

The Latte Collection

The Latte Collection is part of our Cascades PRO Perform® line, which is not only a “green” line, but also a value-added product line. Sustainable. Soft. Strong. Cascades PRO® brings these qualities to life in our Latte Collection of paper products. All Latte products are Green Seal certified and made entirely from 100% recycled fiber – 80% from white recycled paper and 20% from brown cardboard – offering facilities a reduced environmental footprint. 

With its distinctive Latte color, the Latte Collection is an ideal hygiene solution for your schools, as all of the products feature the same absorbency as white paper products and are plumbing and septic safe.

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Sponsor contact: Isabelle Gendron, Product Manager