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“Green cleaning matters, especially in education where funding is tied to attendance,” said Cali Sartor, Vice President of Marketing at Spartan Chemical. “Spartan is proud to offer a broad range of products that are formulated with environmentally preferred components to keep students and staff healthy. Healthy Green Schools & Colleges provides tools and resources that complement Spartan’s products, giving parents and school administrators confidence in the safety and effectiveness of their school cleaning program.”

Sustainability Program

Keeping Sustainability at the Forefront

We have been a true pioneer in the sustainability movement from its onset. At the beginning of the “green” movement, many chemical companies began removing key ingredients from their products to promote them as “green”. Spartan took a different approach and focused on not only the sustainability of our products, but also on performance.

Today, our high-performance, sustainable product line includes six categories of Green Seal Certified or EPA Safer Choice product offerings. Each performs equally as well as traditional products and are just as affordable so that customers can continue to keep their facilities clean without introducing any negative health effects to the building’s occupants or custodial staff.

We have also adjusted our operations to reduce our carbon footprint. We currently employ several initiatives to reduce environmental impact and fulfill our corporate responsibility.


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