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“At Kimberly-Clark Professional, we value our partnership with Healthy Green Schools & Colleges. Our goals are similar in that we both prioritize sustainability in the education sector in our innovation & research. It’s important to maintain a connection with our contacts across the K-12 and higher education segments to understand their challenges and continue to consider how we may solve them through best practices and delivering efficient, hygienic and sustainable solutions.” – Craig Rosen, National Accounts Leader

Sustainability Program

“At Kimberly-Clark Professional, we strive to create social, environmental and financial value for the customers and communities we serve. Our commitment to sustainability gives customers products and solutions that help reduce their impact on the environment. 

We know that protecting our forests is critical to addressing climate change, conserving biodiversity and enduring a resilient, healthy supply chain. Together with consumers, customers, suppliers, the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), WWF and other NGOs, we’re ensuring the responsible sourcing of wood fiber. One hundred percent of Kimberly-Clark Professional paper towels can be diverted from landfill via composting and the majority of our Scott® and Kleenex® brand hygiene solutions are FSC-certified. In addition, they contribute to the requirements for obtaining green building certifications, such as LEED. 

We’ve also decreased the amount of water and energy needed to make our products. Kimberly-Clark Professional diverted 95 percent of our manufacturing waste from landfill to higher value beneficial uses in 2019, and we’re also working to be a Zero-Waste supplier by 2022. From sustainable forests to recyclable packaging, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s hygiene and cleaning solutions provide outstanding performance and contribute to the health and safety of workers and workplaces everywhere. ” – Craig Rosen, National Accounts Leader

Scott® Pro Electronic Hard Roll

Scott® brand systems provide a sense of familiarity and comfort when away from home. The Scott® Pro Electronic Hard Roll towel system offers a towel that Is FSC® Certified, ECOLOGO Certified for reduced environmental impact and meets EPA guidelines for minimum post consumer waste content. It features Elevated Scott® Design on every sheet, preferred 4 to 1 (over traditional paper towels).  The system itself is the quietest electronic roll towel system on the market all while offering 99.99 percent jam-free dispensing and up to five-year battery life to ensure a towel is available for proper hand hygiene. Learn more.

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