401 South Third Street
Hamilton, OH 45011

Kaivac, a developer of advanced science-based cleaning technologies and methods, is committed to delivering hygienic green cleaning systems to school systems across the country.
Kaivac uniquely balances the environmental considerations of green cleaning with technologies and practices that thoroughly remove potentially harmful soils, bacteria and other bio-pollutants in order to produce and maintain a truly healthy indoor environment. Understanding that hygienic cleaning is the first line of defense against infectious disease, including MRSA, Norovirus and others, Kaivac incorporates scientific measurement into its systems to ensure hygienic outcomes for facility wellness. In fact, scientific studies have shown that Kaivac’s process is as much as 60 times more effective than mop and bucket techniques in reducing bacterial contamination on floor and grout surfaces.
Kaivac is committed to the science of cleaning. In addition to conducting their own comprehensive research program, Kaivac is a founding member of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) and a major underwriter of their research.

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