It’s Time to Lift Up Our Most Essential Workers: School Custodians

Educational Facilities Managers Reflect on the Most Challenging Year

Steering Committee Members Share Lessons Learned from 2020 The educational facilities managers interviewed for this article have led their schools and universities through many tough times in the past, with a commitment to green and healthy cleaning that has led the field. But there has never been a year like 2020, where the global COVID-19

How We Grew the Green Cleaning Movement in 2018

This was an exciting year for our Green Clean Schools program as we considered our progress, highlighted current leaders and thought about the future of the movement. We Recognized Leading Programs The Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities recognizes schools with innovative programs that protect health and the environment while galvanizing the community around

Exactly What You Can Expect Next Month at the GCS Leadership Institute

So you have a green cleaning program. You’re making third-party-certified purchasing decisions, you’ve revamped your team’s policies and you’re providing more training than ever before. Now what? Maybe you’re ready to get your institution or district to include your green cleaning program in its sustainability policy, or even write that policy from scratch. How are

Green Your School’s Food Service Program

The Five Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools is one of the most popular resources that we offer on our website. But we also offer more specialized guides for schools that are ready to focus their green cleaning efforts. Our downloadable guide to Green Cleaning in School Food Service Programs is a valuable resource for

This Is Where to Start to Learn About Green Cleaning

We know how overwhelming starting a green cleaning program can seem at first: There’s so much to think about, so many products on the market and so many considerations to make. And the web often makes that even more overwhelming, with differing opinions, misleading product claims and confusing messages. That’s where our new and improved

The EPA Has Made it Easier for Schools to Make Safer Choices

The EPA just made it easier for schools to make safer choices about the products they use to clean. For the past 15 years, the EPA’s label for safer chemical products has been known as Design for the Environment (DfE). Products receiving that label were those “designed for the environment and recognized for safer chemistry,”