Green Clean Schools Is Becoming Healthy, Green Schools & Colleges

For over a decade, Healthy Schools Campaign’s (HSC) Green Clean Schools program has been changing the way schools clean, with great benefits for students, staff and the environment. This multifaceted program has helped schools clean better, smarter and safer.

Now, HSC is partnering with Green Seal to create the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program. Building off of the success of HSC’s Green Clean Schools, this expanded program will be enhanced by Green Seal’s technical expertise, providing even more resources for creating healthy, sustainable and environmentally focused cleaning programs.

Recommending green products—and so much more. Green Clean Schools is based in the knowledge that transforming cleaning in schools is about more than simply recommending green products. It’s about providing practical how-to advice but also about changing policy, recognizing success and especially about learning from the remarkable leaders who are making change in schools across the nation.

Building on a strong history. This website builds on the tremendous success of HSC’s Quick + Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, first released in 2006. In addition to the Five Simple Steps to Green Cleaning popularized by the guide, this web portal highlights a strategic approach to policy change and the power of recognizing successful green programs.

Updated and expanded content. The updated and expanded content reflects current trends in cleaning and puts practical tools and resources for school decision-makers front and center. The site is easier to use, easier to access, and more comprehensive than ever before, with powerful tools for parents, teachers, administrators and cleaning professionals alike.

Our number one goal: encouraging schools to adopt green cleaning programs. We’re doing that by informing and engaging school decision-makers and influencers, creating a supportive policy environment, recognizing outstanding programs and building a marketplace that rewards product innovation and is easy for purchasers to navigate.

Thank you for being part of the movement for green cleaning in schools.



Healthy Schools Campaign is an independent nonprofit built upon the common-sense belief that every child deserves a healthy school. Through community engagement, political advocacy and education programs, we work together with parents, teachers, administrators and policy makers to change schools for the better. Our work focuses on individual schools as well as district, state and national change. Our programs focus on the many aspects of the school environment, including nutrition, school design, indoor air quality, physical activity, wellness and green cleaning practices. By making schools healthier, we can improve children’s health, well-being and readiness to succeed—for life. Learn more at healthyschoolscampaign.org.

Green Seal® is a global nonprofit organization with a mission to transform the economy for a healthier, greener world. Since 1989, Green Seal has applied rigorous standards for health, environmental sustainability and product performance to its certification programs to empower better purchasing decisions. Green Seal has certified thousands of products, services and spaces from hundreds of leading companies and is specified by countless schools, government agencies, businesses and institutions. Today, the Green Seal certification mark is a universal symbol that a product or service meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership. Learn more at GreenSeal.org.