Parent Advocacy Guide

Parent Advocacy Guide: Making Change at Your School

As a parent, caregiver or school community member, you have the power to make a significant impact on student health, well-being and achievement by advocating for greener, healthier school cleaning. It’s not always easy to affect your child’s education positively or to feel heard amid the complexities of the school system. But by advocating for a green cleaning program, you can help promote a simple, cost-efficient and healthy change that makes a real difference for health and learning.


Why Advocate?

Children’s health and learning are shaped by the laws and policies that define their schools, whether they are policies about testing or laws that restrict the use of certain cleaning chemicals. That’s why we have a responsibility to raise our voices for sensible, health-promoting policies. Decision-makers will continue to implement policies that affect schools—from curriculum to cleaning practices—whether or not we are at the table.

As parents, advocates and cleaning industry leaders, we have experience in this field and knowledge of the ways that green cleaning can shape children’s experiences at schools. We know that green cleaning protects health, that green cleaning products are effective and cost-comparable and that the marketplace is ready to support widespread adoption of green clean schools policies. But without our input, policymakers will not necessarily have that information.

It is up to us to help legislators understand the importance of green cleaning in schools and craft policies that support student well-being.