The Green Cleaning Movement Is Having Its Moment

School facility managers and decision makers, green cleaning experts and researchers, representatives from NGOs and the government, and forward-thinking vendors are all traveling to Seattle, Wash., at the end of the month to discuss the future of green cleaning. We’re thrilled to have 80 people registered to attend the first Green Clean Schools Summit — with 36 leaders from schools. Attendees are coming from small private and parochial schools, large city schools districts and big universities. They’re coming from across the nation and beyond, including the East Coast, West Coast, the Midwest and even Canada.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to meet the people in the field who are doing the work, making the decisions and building greener, safer and healthier schools. We’re excited to hear real-world solutions and challenges, come up with new ideas and facilitate networking and connections across the industry and the nation.

The summit will feature speakers from the U.S. Green Building Council, the scientific research field and green cleaning expert groups. Topics range from the practical to the inspirational — subjects will include the latest information on engineered water and product labeling; training practices and worker engagement; and how to better envision the future of green cleaning.

The summit is sponsored by ISSA, Kimberly Clark Professional, Sealed Air Diversey Care and UL Environment. It will take place on the University of Washington’s gorgeous Seattle campus, and will feature a tour of their award-winning facilities services division, including the school’s state-of-the-art training academy and innovative sustainable cleaning practices.

Our green clean schools program continues to grow, with widespread support from schools, the industry and the government. There are amazing schools doing groundbreaking things to make their buildings safer and healthier for everyone in them. These schools are coming up with innovative, exciting and sustainable solutions to help their communities and local environments flourish. We want their passion and momentum to spread to all schools — no matter how big or small — and we think this summit is going to be catalyst that drives the movement even further.

“The Green Clean Schools Summit is about helping schools grow their green cleaning programs but it’s also about the future of green cleaning in all schools,” said Mark Bishop, Healthy Schools Campaign’s Vice President of Policy. “When schools make healthier and greener cleaning choices, they create healthier and safer places for their students, staff and communities. They also make a huge impact on the environment. Our hope is that this summit will connect the leaders in the field, get the word out to schools who want to make a change, and help create even more resources for those schools.”