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“Like Healthy Green Schools & Colleges, GP PRO understands that protecting and advancing the health and safety of students and staff requires a dedication to both hygiene and sustainability. As a company, we have demonstrated this type of commitment from the start and remain steadfast in it today, as evidenced by our industry-leading hands-free hygienic dispensing systems,” he said. “We are extremely proud to partner with HGSC, particularly during these unprecedented times, to help safeguard our nation’s K-12 schools, colleges, and universities and those who fill their halls. It’s an honor to help our education system persevere.” – Troy Nimmo, GP PRO’s National Sales Vice President

More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

Sustainability is steadily becoming an integral guiding principle for individuals and businesses. Stakeholders increasingly demand that businesses use renewable resources and responsible supply chains, and stay ahead of environmental regulations.  But rest assured—sustainability comes naturally to GP PRO.

Our Sustainability Platform is Your Launching Pad

Elements™ is a service brand that helps you identify GP PRO’s top choice, sustainable solutions. It also provides relevant knowledge and insights, plus consultation around our solutions’ sustainable attributes and certifications. It’s how we help make sustainability easy to understand and implement.

Now more than ever, sustainability in business is inspiring owners and operators to learn more and incorporate sustainable best practices. With that in mind, GP PRO’s new Elements™ IQ education series delivers insights and perspectives for many of the environmental topics of interest today- kicking off with a slate of sustainability podcasts. These podcasts tackle key topics that business owners care about: recycling, composting information, responsibly sourced fiber, and more.

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We Can Help Improve Hygiene on Every Level

Our products can help you boost cleanliness in practically any area. Let’s talk about your needs and challenges, then we can help create a personalized solution.

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