Participatory Ergonomics & Taking Care of Your Green Cleaning Team

March 30, 2019

At The University of Washington, an innovative participatory ergonomics program has led to better cleaning outcomes, greatly reduced injury, reduced turnover and absenteeism among staff and a culture of engagement in the university’s award-winning green cleaning program. This webinar looks at some of the key features of this program. Speakers include:

  • Gene Woodard, Director of the Building Services Dept., The University of Washington
  • Tracey Mosier, Safety Manager, The University of Washington
  • Dr. Debra Milek, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., is a board certified physician and medical director at the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic and the Center of Occupational Health Education at Harborview and UW Campus Preventive Health

Download the presentation slides