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Happy Global Handwashing Day!

Use these fun ideas to celebrate Global Handwashing Day—and make your school safer and healthier in the process. Each year, more than 164 million school days are lost due to illness. With flu season descending upon us, our best defense is, and always will be, proper handwashing. If every person at your school—teachers, staff, students,

Silver Nanotechnology Might Be Hot, but is it Healthy?

Recently, the Chicago Tribune published an article that calls into question the sustainability and health risks associated with silver nanotechnology. What’s so important about this article is that it finally asks the question that I’ve wanted answered for years: What are the chronic effects of exposure to products that use nanosilver to kill bacteria? What

FDA Proposes a New Rule on Triclosan

As always, especially with flu season in full swing, we strongly encourage hand washing. But — and here’s the twist on conventional wisdom — we don’t recommend antibacterial soap. Although HSC has held this view for a while, it seems like the FDA finally agrees. Late last year, the FDA issued a new proposed rule