Green Clean Schools Sponsor Levels + Benefits (2014-15)

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Green Clean Schools Sponsor Levels + Benefits

Join us in transforming school cleaning for the next generation

Healthy Schools Campaign is proud to launch Green Clean Schools, a multi-faceted strategy to ensure green, sustainable cleaning programs. The website is focused on three new resources that will educate school decision-makers, recognize outstanding green cleaning programs and provide opportunities to engage with influencers to drive healthier and more sustainable cleaning programs for all schools.

For nearly a decade, Healthy Schools Campaign and partners have been changing the way schools are cleaned. Together, we’re educating and engaging school decision-makers and influencers; creating a supportive policy environment; recognizing outstanding programs; and providing a marketplace that’s easy for purchasers to navigate while rewarding product innovation.

Now, we invite you to join us and the team that’s greening America’s schools as we take on our most ambitious, comprehensive program yet.We’re looking for sponsors to join our green team and ensure healthy, sustainable schools for all.

Our new website includes:

The new is the place for all things green cleaning. The updated and expanded content reflects current trends in cleaning and puts practical tools and resources for school decision-makers front and center. The site is easier to use, easier to access, and more comprehensive than ever before, with powerful tools for parents, teachers, administrators and cleaning professionals alike.

Green Clean Schools Leadership Council

Healthy Schools Campaign is proud to announce the launch of our new Green Clean Schools Leadership Council. Composed of the top school cleaning professionals in the country, this elite group is coming together to promote best practices, create mentorship opportunities, and share their experiences with school leaders and cleaning professionals across the country.

Green Clean Leadership Summit

The Leadership Council will come together annually to encourage the on-the-ground leaders of the green clean schools movement and share their experiences with others. Dialogue from the Leadership Summit will inform our guidance and communications on green cleaning. The Summit will also be a place where leaders can connect with each other, as well as with industry, to understand the latest trends and technologies.


Join a Leader in the Movement

Over the last decade, Healthy Schools Campaign has emerged as a leader in the green clean schools movement, encouraging and supporting schools to adopt green cleaning programs. We have:


  • Engaged over 175,000 individuals with our Five Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools, a comprehensive toolkit for schools.
  • Passed green clean schools legislation in Illinois and supported legislative efforts in seven other states.
  • Run a national green cleaning awards program, now in its 7th year, with American School & University magazine and Green Cleaning Network.
  • Provided regular online educational programming for schools and industry.
  • Developed a network of 25 leading stakeholder organizations including many national education organizations, to educate their members about green cleaning in schools.
  • Supported Green Cleaning Network as a Founding Board Member.
  • Engaged with policymakers to incorporate green cleaning into national education and environmental programs.
  • Partnered with industry leaders who offer green cleaning services and products that are changing the marketplace.

Sponsor Levels + Benefits

We invite you to join us in the exciting next phase of our green cleaning work as a sponsor of Green Clean Schools. In addition to receiving the benefits outlined below, sponsors align their brand with this successful campaign, which is helping transform the green market for schools and will reach a wide variety of school decision-makers and influencers.

Below are details for a two-year sponsorship commitment. Contact Sara Porter via email or at (312) 419-1810 to learn more.


Visibility in the green cleaning section of HSC’s website Yes
Visibility on Green Clean Schools homepage Yes
Company logo on Green Clean Schools homepage Yes
Company logo on Green Clean Schools website Every page One section
Product category exclusivity Yes One section
Customized communications plan including traditional and social media outreach Yes Yes
Customized web search engine optimization strategy Yes Yes
Sponsorship of Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit Yes Yes
Recognition on green clean webinars and other special projects All Three Two One
Access to special Green Clean Schools logo for use on company website and other materials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Featured in blogs and newsletters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Placement on Green Clean Schools sponsor page Prominent logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Listing
Qualified product listings in the featured product database Unlimited Unlimited Up to 100 Up to 50 Up to 25 Up to 10
Placement on downloadable brochure Prominent logo Logo Logo Listing Listing Listing