Announcing the HGSC Fall Virtual Summit 2023

We’re excited to announce Healthy Green Schools & Colleges’ Fall Virtual Summit, an event designed to connect facilities professionals in the HGSC program, sponsors, and partners to share insights and foster collaborative problem-solving in the effort to integrate health and sustainability into day-to-day facilities operations and management in K-12 and higher education institutions.

The Fall Virtual Summit brings a blend of peer networking, in-depth discussions, panel interviews, and interactive brainstorming sessions to uncover unique challenges of the 2023-2024 school year; use tools to effectively convey staffing needs to leadership and budget holders; discuss strategies to establish a successful indoor air quality program; and learn more about the process to prepare for certification under the HGSC standard.

Session 1: Virtual Happy Hour and Fall Summit Kickoff
October 10, 20237:00-8:00PM ETSchool Facilities Professionals, Partners, and Platinum Sponsors
Join us as we launch our Fall Summit with an engaging virtual happy hour! This relaxed gathering provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with peers, meet new participants, and set the tone for the informative sessions in the weeks ahead. Grab your favorite beverage, turn on your camera, and let’s kick off the Summit with some fun and camaraderie!
Session 2: Challenges, Opportunities, and Insights for the 2023-2024 School Year
October 12, 202312:00-1:30PM ETAll Summit Attendees
Following up from our Summer Summit, join us for an open discussion on the first several weeks of the 2023-2024 school year. This collaborative forum provides an opportunity for attendees to share how they are navigating the complexities of the school year.
Session 3: Using a Scope of Services Document to Communicate Workforce Requirements to Meet Facilities Maintenance Performance Standards
October 19, 202312:00-1:30PM ETAll Summit Attendees
This session will guide participants in developing a comprehensive Scope of Services document that effectively communicates workforce requirements, shedding light on quantifying the volume and nature of services that different staffing levels can handle, and how to transparently convey these dynamics to leadership in order to advocate for hiring, justify overtime, and optimize workflows.
Session 4: Webinar – Implementing an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Program
October 26, 202312:00-1:30PM ETAll Summit Attendees + Public
Join this public session to hear from a panel of facilities representatives about how they are implementing IAQ monitoring at their K-12 and higher education institutions. Dive into the essentials of creating and managing an effective indoor air quality monitoring program, including understanding the various monitoring technologies, selecting buildings to pilot a program, managing data, and winning support for program scaling.
Special Session: HGSC Certification 101 – Understanding Performance Periods
November 2, 202312:30-1:00PM ETProgram Participants Only
This session consists of a 30-minute recording and a live Q&A, and will introduce performance periods, how they are used across the HGSC standard, and how to select consistent and aligned performance periods for each criterion attempted for certification.
Session 5: Hot Seat Brainstorms and Summit Wrap Up
November 9, 202312:00-1:30PM ETAll Summit Attendees
In this interactive brainstorming session, premium level HGSC program participants will each have 15 minutes to present a specific challenge they’re facing. In return, summit attendees will offer real-time feedback, insights, and potential solutions, providing collaborative problem-solving, fresh perspectives, and actionable strategies. This session will conclude with a reflection and wrap up of the virtual summit.

Interested in joining us? Fill out our program participation form to register interest.